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At Simple Global, we thrive on helping you reach your business goals. With our wide array of services, we assist your business in growing and scaling globally. We have the tools you need to easily and efficiently operate your online store. However, what if you’re unsure of how a 3PL works or if your business even needs one? How can you be led in the right direction?

At Simple Global, we have prepared a library just for all e-commerce brands and store owners to learn more about order fulfillment services. Here are 5 blogs by Simple Global that will help improve your business’s efficiency, help you choose your fulfillment strategy, and guide you in improving sales.

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Finding the Right Fulfillment Strategy for Your eCommerce Brand

After the complete setup of your online store, you’d likely dive into marketing and advertising. These factors on top of having a great new product mean orders will begin to come in – which means those orders need to be fulfilled.

Self-fulfillment can prove to be a hassle when a large number of orders flood your e-commerce store. This means you will have to do everything from customer communication to order management, label printing, and returns – which means more stress.

The flip side of this is if you’re dropshipping. Dropshipping means that the seller does not keep any inventory or even operate from a warehouse. When orders come in, the seller purchases them directly from the manufacturer, who ships them directly to the buyer. Though many elements such as packaging, shipping times, and damages may be out of your control, dropshipping is very cost-friendly.

In this blog, you can learn more about all the aspects of the fulfillment strategy that best suits your business.


How Third-Party Logistics Services Work

Before partnering with a 3PL, you should learn exactly what a third-party logistics company does and how they help businesses grow and expand.

With this simple blog, you’ll get a basic question remains: is it truly the best option for your business?


Pros & Cons of a 3PL

Analyzing both pros and cons of partnering with a 3PL can aid your decision-making before jumping to immediate conclusions. The advantages of third-party logistics far outweigh the disadvantages. This also means finding a 3PL company that can best work with all your business needs without any doubts or complications.

Learn more about the pros and cons of partnering with a 3PL here.


Benefits of Having an Order Fulfillment Partner

Now you’ve weighed out the pros and cons and you leaning in the direction of partnering with a 3PL. So, let’s discuss the benefits.

As your business continues to grow, you may find it difficult to manage all your orders and keep up with inventory. A 3PL has the experience and flexibility needed to create a hassle-free experience for your business and your customers by offering a smooth fulfillment process.

Staying competitive is crucial. This means it’s important to partner with an order fulfillment company you can trust. The right 3PL partner for your business will have a variety of benefits including scalability, enhancing the customer experience, and rate savings. In this blog, you can learn more about the benefits a 3PL can provide to your business.


5 Signs that it's Time to Change Fulfillment Partners

So you’ve been with a 3PL company for a while now but they aren’t performing up to your standards. What do you do?

Assessing all the mistakes your provider is making is important as it shows your 3PL provider how to improve their operations while allowing you to dial into the improvements your company needs to make. This blog will help inform your decision to stay or leave your current fulfillment provider.