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eCommerce Fulfillment Services for Global Food Brands

These days, all kinds of food are being shipped directly to homes! Simple Global’s warehouses pack and ship food products for maximum quality. With world-class food products fulfillment services, Simple Global makes e-commerce order fulfillment seamless for online food brands and stores. Our easy-to-integrate logistics platform makes it super easy for you to manage all your food product fulfillment while maintaining real-time insights into your store and orders.

Foods Picked, Packed & Shipped

By 2025, online grocery sales are expected to consume more than 20% of the U.S. market with an annual value of around $250 billion. Customers appreciate the convenience and time savings associated with the purchase of food online. To help your business grab a piece of this rapidly expanding market, Simple Global quickly and efficiently fulfills orders from more than 50 market eCommerce marketplaces. Orders can be shipped on the same day in most cases, and your U.S. customers are only 2 days from receiving non-perishable items, including:

  • Dry goods
  • Cereal
  • Beverages
  • Coffee
  • Dry pasta

More than 65% of shoppers cite real-time inventory as the most important part of their online purchasing experience, which makes Simple Global an excellent partner for this segment of your eCommerce business. Our system makes it possible to always know what products you have in stock and pass that information onto your customers, as well as maximize your sales and profits.

Order Fulfillment Made Simple

Order fulfillment features that enhance your post-purchase process to delight your customers and grow your brand.

Global Warehouses

Distribute your inventory across the US, Europe, and Asia with our global warehouses, ensuring fast delivery to your customers.

Same-Day Shipping

Your customer's orders are received in real-time, and orders that come in before 10:00 AM are filled same-day.

Rate Savings

Why pay more for shipping? Our relationships with popular carriers allow us to negotiate lower rates, which we pass on to our clients.

Live Support

Getting the answers you need is easy with in-platform messaging. Our customer success team is always available for live support.

Returns Processing

Customers want a seamless return process, and we help you deliver it. Our returns department will take care of the process, which you can monitor within our ONE platform.

Order Accuracy

Incorrect orders lead to lost customers. Our four-point check system ensures that your customers’ orders are picked, packed, and shipped correctly, every time.

eCommerce Fulfillment Logistics Platform: ONE

The ONE logistics platform provides the tools you need to manage all your fulfillment options while maintaining real-time insights into your store and orders.

Dedicated Brand Support

Our dedicated brand support team can assist you with fulfillment inquiries and resolving complex needs such as creating ASNs and updating SKUs.

dedicated client support at simple global
integrated fulfillment and customer service at simple global

Integrated Fulfillment and Customer Service

With your Brand Support Specialist on site at Simple Global, interaction between customer service and fulfillment is seamless. Your Specialist will not only be able to answer customer questions, but actually handle requests like cancelling orders, issuing refunds, updating addresses, managing returns, and more.

Ready to Streamline Your Food Fulfillment Process?

Don’t let fulfillment be a headache for your business. Let Simple Global handle it with expertise and efficiency. Maximize your productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by partnering with us.