About Us

We’re more than just a company; we’re a dedicated team driven by a shared passion for excellence. Get to know the story behind Simple Global, our values, and our mission. Discover how we’re here to make a difference in the world of e-commerce order fulfillment. Join us as we take you on a journey through our history and the people who make it all possible.

Simple Fulfillment for Online Brands

Founded in 2012, Simple Global began with a singular vision: to lower the barriers between buyers and sellers, making all products available to all consumers.

We believe the world is still getting smaller and the age of Globalization 4.0 is right around the corner! Our team of Logistics, IT, and Customer Support experts are focused on helping ecommerce brands and retailers step up their game and take advantage of the global market.

Our ecommerce solutions pair cutting-edge technology with outstanding fulfillment services. By providing an integrated suite of software, logistics, and customer support, we help small and medium-sized ecommerce brands scale globally.

Our History

Trace our remarkable journey and uncover our history of passion, innovation, and e-commerce fulfillment excellence.

  • Launched Michigan warehouse facility to accommodate growth on the USA east coast.
  • New innovative software implementation planned.


  • Continued development and launch of its SaaS platform solution.
  • Implementation of next-generation technology and sales/marketing initiatives.


  • Launched MyMallBox.
  • Relocated and expanded its headquarters facility to support demand.


  • Simple Global platform Beta launch.
  • Relocated and expand its California brand to a larger facility to support demand.


  • Development of the flagship Simple Global platform solution.
  • Relocated and expanded headquarters into a larger facility.
  • Launched a new facility with an office and warehouse in California.


  • Simple Global was formed and headquartered in Delaware.
  • Launched all operations in April of 2013.
  • Developed e-commerce solutions and formed carrier shipping partnerships for the US-based customer and international locations.


You Can Count On Us

More than just another fulfillment provider, Simple Global is focused on proactively helping you reach new levels of success.


With easy-to-understand solutions and pricing, you'll never be surprised by hidden fees. From shipping rates to work order fees, you'll always know exactly what you'll pay.


Our dedicated development team works tirelessly to simplify and improve our systems, while creating innovative software products to make life easier for our clients.


Backed by a leadership team with years of logistics, business, and customer service experience, we are positioned to develop cutting-edge industry solutions and help clients reach global markets.


Because your success is our number one priority, our Customer Success Team will work proactively, going above and beyond to increase your sales and grow your brand. When you win, we win, too.

Expand Your Brand Reach

With strategically located warehouses in the United States and South Korea, you can reach your customers around the world and guarantee quick and cost-effective delivery. Our services cover all aspects of the post-purchase experience, from order management, warehousing, and fulfillment, to customer service and returns.

Benefits of Outsourcing


Renting an expensive warehouse means you could be paying for space you don't use. With Simple Global, you'll have the flexibility to scale your inventory as needed for peak and off seasons.

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing your fulfillment needs are being handled by logistics professionals. Spend your time building your brand, while we take care of everything after the sale.

Reduced Costs

With no need to hire and train warehouse staff, you'll get up to speed faster. Plus, you save money on labor costs by letting us handle fulfillment and customer service.

Increased Efficiency

With our software system, everything you need to manage the fulfillment process in integrated into a single platform.

Grow. Scale. Go Global with Simple Global

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