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E-commerce is dominating the marketplace. Because of this, the ability to offer shipping services for your products is more essential than ever before. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you be able to fulfill your orders quickly, efficiently, correctly, and without damage. You also have to track transactions, correspond with customers, and handle returns. It’s a big undertaking, but having numerous convenient shipping options advertised on your website will delight your current customers and help you attract even more buyers.

It can be hard to pick, pack, and ship numerous orders per day. Many businesses simply don’t have the capacity to do so. That’s where Simple Global comes in. As a third-party logistics (3PL) company, we work with multiple industries through many platforms and numerous fulfillment options to help make e-commerce simpler and more effective for all kinds of businesses.

how a third party logistics 3pl service works

What Does a 3PL Company do?

When a customer orders something online, whether it’s apparel, food, electronics, supplies, or anything else, a series of actions have to take place. The inventory needs to be electronically logged with information, and the customer needs to receive confirmation of the progress. Items have to be ready to go, then picked correctly and packed to avoid damage while in transit. The item must be sent through one of the hundreds of couriers, with tracking information integrated with the electronic system. It then has to travel, either around the block or across the world, and arrive safely at the doorstep of the person who ordered it.

A 3PL company like Simple Global streamlines these processes so that businesses can ensure the best experience for their customers.

What Services are Provided?

Simple Global offers a program that gives you a dashboard, notifications, analytics, and other ways to understand how you are reaching customers as you sell your products on a wide variety of eCommerce platforms, including eBay, Amazon, Magento,, and many others. Our technology for e-commerce fulfillment means you can view and track orders and fulfill them from one set of inventory in our warehouse. This phenomenal tool allows you to grow your business with just a few clicks. Get noticed across the web and get your products to more people!

When you run a busy company, you often don’t have the time or capacity to physically pack all of your orders. Luckily, Simple Global can help. When you work with us for domestic and international shipping, we get the items in the mail for you. Using a set of your inventory in our fulfillment warehouses, we pick and pack the orders as they come in and quickly dispatch them to our extensive network of couriers all over the world. When you use our shipping fulfillment services, you can have total confidence that the orders will get to your customers quickly and in perfect condition.

There’s no getting around it. When people are looking for things online, the number one place they look is Amazon. But recently, Amazon has become so overrun that items have been delayed. This has meant that many customers have experienced delays when things are fulfilled by Amazon. You have the option to offer your products as “Fulfilled by Merchant,” but that means you have to spend time and money fulfilling every order yourself.

If you want to sell your products via Amazon while also ensuring quick and safe delivery, our Amazon fulfillment service is perfect for you. Using integrated software, we pick, pack, and ship your Amazon orders with the same precision and speed as Amazon Prime. Don’t make your customers wait or go through the hassle of tracking a delayed order! Simple Global can eliminate their stress and get the items delivered on time.

Even though our pick, pack, and ship process virtually eliminates damage, sometimes buyers just have to send something back. But if the return process is easy and convenient, they are still likely to buy from you in the future! Our returns fulfillment process can make it simple for your customers to send back their merchandise with no hassle. Using our simple technology, customers can use their order confirmation email to connect to your store, answer a few questions, and send their items back. As the business owner, you can specify what you’d like to do with items that are returned. Simple Global will take it from there!

Our fulfillment warehouses are designed for quick picking, packing, and shipping of e-commerce orders. We’ll keep your merchandise safe, efficiently ship things around the world with our global network, and inspect any returns. You only pay for the warehouse space you use, and we provide batch control and tracking. You save when you entrust your inventory to our fulfillment warehouses, and you make your customers happy with our quick and reliable deliveries.

Some business owners have decided the best way to work with customers is to manage their own online store. If you’ve chosen to do this using Shopify, Simple Global is here to help! Using our Shopify fulfillment app, you can send all online orders to us and we’ll pick, pack, and ship them quickly. You can track and fulfill orders with close supervision, providing a personalized experience for your customers while still offering fast and reliable shipping options.

What are the Benefits of Working with a 3PL Company?

With Simple Global, your business receives the following benefits:

  • Savings of time and money: Spend your time running your company, not fulfilling orders.
  • Sell across multiple platforms: Our integration with many online platforms means you can expand your reach and sell to more customers!
  • Utilize our experience: You know your business. We know fulfillment. Together, we can make your company soar.

Are You Ready to Work with Simple Global?

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