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Every stage of an e-commerce operation impacts the next; from unexpected manufacturing delays to inaccuracies in fulfillment. Each aspect is crucial – all the more reason why proper supply chain management is vital for the efficiently functioning operations of an e-commerce business.

To effectively manage your business tasks and operations, you need to pay close attention to your supply chain performance. In this article, we’ll showcase a quick overview of what supply chain performance means and how to improve it.

how to improve supply chain performance simple global

Supply Chain and Profit Margins

Supply chain performance affects business goals – both short and long-term. A functioning supply chain will determine if you’re operating at a level that’s necessary to achieve your company’s goals and if you can maintain a healthy profit margin.

Tracking specific KPIs based on performance data can result in better supply chain planning as you will be better equipped and prepared for future operations including total production, inventory replenishment, and pick, pack, and ship fulfillment.

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is crucial for seamless and natural communication between different parties involved. This helps to improve relationships and encourage better collaboration while also allowing insight into when and how products are moving throughout the supply chain. You will be able to anticipate possible disruptions and make proactive decisions about what to do in order to alleviate them.

An example where this would come into play is if a supplier notifies you about possible production delays. In a timely manner, you might be able to look for alternative suppliers or utilize alternative stock before you experience further disruptions. With increased visibility, you can also quickly identify opportunities for improvement. This makes it easier to streamline your operations and improve your supply chain performance.

Automation Simplifies the Supply Chain

Automation is just as important as visibility as it’s proven to save time while improving supply chain efficiency. It’s necessary to automate tasks and processes that do not require human involvement – therefore, you can give each sector of your business the attention it needs.

A WMS software can provide your business with faster shipping times by analyzing the quickest delivery routes and ensuring orders are fulfilled and sent from the nearest warehouse locations according to the order preference. Advanced WMS capabilities are all possible by partnering with a 3PL like Simple Global; which allows for automated receiving and put-away, and automated pick, pack, and ship. You’ll be given full transparency and visibility to all your operations within our warehouses all from one dashboard – enabling the improvement of your supply chain.

Simple Global Can Help Improve Your Supply Chain

Outsourcing different aspects of your supply chain to a global fulfillment partner like Simple Global can improve your supply chain performance on a global scale. Simple Global handles the entire fulfillment process while providing you with better supply chain visibility by using advanced WMS software.

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