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As your company grows, fulfilling customer orders yourself may not be the best option as it can become overwhelming and time-consuming. This is when you’ll need to expand your fulfillment strategy, which means outsourcing fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) company.

In this article, we’ll cover the services and integrations Simple Global provides while we guide you in the right direction to make an informed decision on partnering with a 3PL.

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Our Services Build a Stronger Brand

Advanced Software Integration

With our advanced warehouse management system, you’ll have full transparency of order management and shipping and returns management options. This system also allows seamless integration with over 50 online marketplaces while allowing for increased efficiency whenever you update information within the platform. The information you enter is synced across all your sales channels: domestic and international websites, online resellers, retailers, and wholesalers. It’s simple: integrate your store, monitor your order, and ship your products!

Shipping, Returns & Warehouses

With our fulfillment strategy, we help you reach new customers in markets all around the world – effectively scaling and expanding your business. This is possible by our multiple warehouses across the globe and transparent inventory management. You can feel confident with your orders effectively being delivered on time with the most cost-efficient methods through our list of carriers.

If a customer files a return, you don’t need to worry about the stress or hassle of the returns process. At Simple Global, we handle all shipping and returns management – effectively removing the back-end stress which allows you to focus on front-end aspects of your business.

Our eCommerce Fulfillment Strategy

At Simple Global, you’ll work with a customer success team, who will assist you with your software account set-up and ensure you’re confident using our platform – while handling your customized solutions. From there, we connect your online store(s) to our advanced software system and we’ll confirm that everything is running smoothly.

From there, we’ll help you create your first Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) so you can ship your products to one or more of our global fulfillment centers. Once your products arrive, we’ll securely store them in their own location within our warehouse – ready to ship as soon as orders come in. When a customer makes a purchase through your online store, the order data is automatically transferred to our software. Through this software, you have full visibility and accessibility to all your orders from anywhere in the world.

Our warehouse team will pick and pack your orders according to your standards and requirements while ensuring order accuracy via our check system. Once your orders are packed, they are shipped according to your shipping profile and preferred carriers. We also suggest the best carriers and pricing for each package based on product destination and package size among other considerations.

Throughout this entire process, your customer success team will work proactively to help you grow your business globally and will be there for any questions or concerns that may arise.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated fulfillment support team can assist you with fulfillment inquiries and resolve complex needs such as creating ASNs and updating SKUs.

With brand support at Simple Global, the interaction between customer service and fulfillment is seamless. Your specialist will not only be able to answer customer questions, but actually handle requests like canceling orders, issuing refunds, updating addresses, managing returns, and more.

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Taking your brand global can be a complex and stressful process. Whether you’re looking for basic fulfillment or a full-service partner to keep your post-purchase process running smoothly, Simple Global makes the entire process easy and efficient. We have the tools you need to successfully grow and scale your business as smoothly as possible.

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