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At a global e-commerce level, almost every business has desired to enter the US market at some point. Up to 70% of UK retailers say that the US is a priority export destination, though tackling the logistical aspects of entering the US market is often seen as a challenge.

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USA Statistics

The US is the third largest country in the world and twice the size of the European Union. This means it’s one of the world’s largest consumer markets and a leader in tech innovations. Approximately 210 million Americans shop online, making the USA an essential destination for e-commerce brands to sell their products.

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Logistics and Shipping

The US holds a well-developed logistics market and has a vast range of strategic warehousing centers and locations. With these fulfillment centers often come preferred shipping options such as UPS and FedEx, though small businesses could also use the government-run postal system; the U.S. Postal Service for quick local delivery.

When you outsource your operations to a third-party logistics company such as Simple Global, you’ll be able to reach US customers quickly and efficiently while providing them with a much more satisfying customer experience. This comes with rate savings for competitive shipping prices, faster delivery, and hassle-free returns. We’ll also handle the tedious customs work so that you can focus on the front end of marketing your business in the USA.

Simple Global covers all fulfillment aspects of your business, so you can sit back and relax while your products reach customers around the US. Not only this but Simple Global ships worldwide – enabling your brand to expand and scale globally.

Accepted Payments in the USA

According to a survey by American Express, the most popular payment method among US online buyers is credit cards. They are used for purchases for 73% of US adult digital buyers, versus debit cards at 62%. Some companies even adopt a ‘buy now, pay later’ method, though it’s more popular in Europe than North America.

Other examples of accepted payments include PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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The American e-commerce marketplace is enormous with a well-developed online infrastructure. With amazing sales opportunities such as seasonal events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or the general holiday season, the room for growth within the USA is endless.

Staying competitive in the market could mean outsourcing your fulfillment operations to an experienced 3PL like Simple Global for long-term growth and expansion. This will result in scalability, an increase in revenue, and a firm grasp on one of the strongest e-commerce economies in the world.

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