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A 2023 trend most businesses are currently ignoring is the utilization of artificial intelligence. “A.I” has been proven to help frontend and backend operations by making a smooth and seamless experience for both customers and business operators.

In this article, we’ll cover the simple methods in which to utilize A.I and how it can enhance your business.

1 simple trend to improve your online operations 2023 simple global

Customer Experience

The first reason many businesses are looking toward A.I is to help with the overall customer experience. When implemented into your business, A.I is able to target specific customers by looking at their data and analyzing it to best recommend products of interest to them. This is a proven method that has increased revenues for businesses and attracted more customers. Using A.I in this way allow for personalization which many customers now look for with companies they purchase from; personalization will soon become the norm.

Upon checkout, A.I is capable of using automated data to recommend further products to upsell the customer – enticing them to add something else to their cart with the benefit of personalized discounts or future promotions. This is an additional way to keep customers returning and purchasing from your online store.

Email marketing is also a great tool to utilize as it can lead to customer loyalty and retention. Many businesses have this tactic already in place with automation at their disposal, but when A.I is introduced, it can find new potential customers through web-driven data (people who have not purchased or visited your online store), and with a little design and creativity, you can program A.I to increase the reach of your marketing while improving conversions.

Behind the Scenes Management

Artificial intelligence improves more each year; it’s smart and reliable while consistently updating its software programming. For this reason, it’s important to not only use A.I for frontend operations but backend operations as well.

It’s common that many e-commerce businesses are partnered with a 3PL (third-party logistics partner) to assist with warehousing and fulfillment. Sometimes, e-commerce businesses possess a vast amount of products within a warehouse (owned by 3PL) – making the fulfillment process quite complex and disoriented. For this reason, more and more third-party logistics companies and independent warehouse businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to find a solid WMS (warehouse management system) to rely on. This is why many WMS providers are now implementing A.I into their software for simplified web integration and stock organization – which improves warehouse fulfillment operations, leading to a smoothened frontend.

Almost every advanced WMS uses some form of A.I to an extent that allows for complete visibility into inventory, order tracking, product placing, picking and packing, shipping, SKU/stock count, and returns. This is possible through A.I automation which is referenced to a standard set by the company or client. For this reason, A.I is once again proven to be beneficial for long-term success when integrated into a WMS and equipped by a 3PL.

A.I can also assist in the collection of customer data, allowing a forecast in results while providing areas in which to increase advertising and by how much, or how much to pull back. This can lead to better budgeting and cost control.


A.I makes front and backend operations seamless; allowing for an organized and operationally smoother backend with fulfillment, transitioning to a smoother frontend by enhancing the customer experience through product recommendations and advanced marketing tactics. A.I can give your business a complete range of customer data, enabling you to implement the necessary steps into your marketing, advertising, and website, leading your business to successful results.

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